WWII In Their Own Words

Join us for a two-part presentation at the Carnegie Library by local historian Larry Martin.

Part 1 (September 30, 10 AM): Larry will present his interview with Dr. Eugene Bliel, who fought as an infantryman on the peninsula of Bataan and took part in the Bataan death march for 6 days.

Part 2 (October 21, 10 AM): The interview continues as Dr. Bliel shares his experience as a Japanese prisoner of war for over 3 years.

About WWII In Their Own Words: For almost 20 years, Larry Martin has been recording and sharing WWII oral histories from a variety of perspectives including American servicemen in the Atlantic and Pacific, German citizens, prisoners of war and European freedom fighters. Learn more about Larry’s work at lmww2.com.

Larry Martin Presents “WWII In Their Own Words”

Honor the anniversary of Pearl Harbor with a special presentation as part of Larry Martin’s “WWII In Their Own Words.”

Larry will be showing an interview with Jackson Native Herb Elfring, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

This event will take place December 8 at 6 PM at the Carnegie Library. You can also watch this program via Zoom and Facebook Live. To join on Zoom, click here.