Michigan Science Center presents Kaboomistry!

Why do things explode? Kids can learn about the relationships between pressure, temperature, and fuel to explain why things go KA-BOOM! We’ll mix physics and chemistry to get some loud, flashy effects!

No registration required.

Dates and Locations:

  • Meijer Branch: June 12, 11 AM
  • Spring Arbor Branch: June 12, 3 PM
  • Napoleon Branch: July 10, 1:30 PM
  • Carnegie Library: July 10, 4 PM

This event is part of Summer Discover programming.

Exploring Eclipses

On April 8 there will be a solar eclipse visible from Jackson! Ever wonder why eclipses happen, how we can predict them, or even why eclipses don’t happen every month?

Join us at the Meijer Branch to learn about eclipses with presentations designed for kids and adults and pick up a pair of eclipse glasses will be available so you will be able to safely view the upcoming eclipse.


March 25, 12 PM: Kids Ages 6+

April 1, 6 PM: Adults

Presented by: Talia Burns, Jackson College Observatory Director

Geology Rocks

Learn about the rock cycle at the Carnegie Library by performing experiments (you get to wear goggles!), breaking open real geodes and checking out cool rocks and fossils!

Intended for ages 8-15. Call 517-905-1331 to register.

Science Saturday

Join the Parma Branch Staff for creative, scientific, and interactive STEAM activity!

Summer Dates:

June 10, 11:30 AM: Celebrate famous American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright by building your own structure.

August 19, 11:30 AM: Learn about momentum and energy by building a Newton’s Cradle.

Call the branch at 517-531-4908 to register.

Cancelled: After School Science – Pizza Box Solar Oven

*This program has been cancelled.*

Join us as we use ordinary materials like pizza boxes and foil to create your own solar oven. Weather permitting, we’ll take them outside to try them out!

Intended for ages 6-12. Call 517-905-1369 to register.

Science Saturday

Celebrate Earth Day by creating your own Water Filtration Experiment at the Parma Branch

Intended for ages 8-13. Contact the branch at 517-531-4908 to register.

After School Science: Paper Airplanes

Come explore the science of flight and test out different paper airplane designs to find the one that flies the best!

Intended for ages 6-12. Call 517-905-1369 to register.

After School Science: Static Electricity

Prepare for a shockingly good time as we explore static electricity! Participants will try their hand at the floating orb and cranking the Van De Graaf generator to generate electricity.

Intended for ages 6-12. Registration required. Call the Brooklyn Branch at 517-905-1369 to register.

Shark Day

Watch out, it’s Shark Week at Brooklyn! Join us for a morning of shark trivia, making a shark craft and exploring shark science. Intended for ages 5-12.

STEM Mondays

Stop by the Spring Arbor Branch for STEM activities. These activities are great for enhancing homeschooling curriculum!

Space is limited and registration is required. Call the Spring Arbor Branch at 517-750-2030 to register.

March 7 & 21; April 4 & 18; May 2 & 16