Author Talk with Former FBI Executive Katherine Schweit

Katherine Schweit will provide an insider’s look at what we’ve learned and failed to learn about protecting our places of commerce, houses of worship, businesses, and schools while demystifying the language around active shooters, mass killings, and threat assessment teams.

Also, she will discuss that we don’t need to shy away from the gun conversation. Instead, we can approach the topics of guns with the courage to learn, openness to dialogue, and the willingness to consider the many solutions on the table while discovering new ones that will benefit our communities.

Due to the nature of the topic, this event is intended for adults.

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About the Presenter:

Katherine Schweit is an author, attorney, former Chicago prosecutor, and career Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent who helped jail bank robbers, kidnappers, and domestic terrorists, while working daily with local police investigating and responding to mass casualty and active shooter incidents.

A native of Jackson, Ms. Schweit earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University. She earned a law degree at DePaul University and joined the Cook County prosecutor’s office as an assistant state’s attorney.