Dinosaur Tails & Tales

Join PaleoJoe, paleontologist, dinosaur hunter, and storyteller to learn what tales dinosaur tails can tell. Have you ever wondered why the Stegosaurus has spikes on his tail? Why are the Longneck Dinosaurs equipped with such long tails?

Hear about and see the Dinosaur with 4 long Pheasant-like tail FEATHERS. Dinosaur stories from a real Dinosaur Digger who returned recently from a dig in South Dakota.

If you were unable to join us for the live program, you can enjoy the recording until July 18 here.


Join award-winning paleontologist, author, and storyteller Joseph “PaleoJoe” Kchdol for a wild ride through the ancient world as he introduces animals, plants, and creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. His high energy program brings life to these creatures of long ago! Learn about geological forces that shaped our world through fossil collecting and study.

This event will be livestreamed on our Facebook page.