Larry Martin Presents “WWII In Their Own Words”

Join us to see Larry Martin’s interview with Alexander Fulop. Fulop will talk about being a 16 year old Hungarian conscripted into the German Army and participating in the 1956 Hungarian uprising which was crushed by the Russian Army, after which he was captured.

The program will be available on our Facebook page and our Zoom.

Larry will be available to answer questions about this interview or WWII after the viewing. For more information on Larry’s programs, visit

LEGO Challenge

Show off your creativity with LEGO during JDL’s online LEGO Challenge! Each day, we’ll release the challenge of the day in the Facebook event page and it’s up to you to use your creativity and LEGO (or similar bricks) to make that thing. Then, share a picture of it with us by emailing

Rules are simple: no kits. Intended for kids up to age 18. Prizes will be awarded a the end of the week!