Professor Snoopenheimer Snoops Out Kooky Kryptids

The brilliant but eccentric (well… “kooky” really) professor, who last summer snooped out fairies, trolls and elves (oh my!) is back at it in 2021! This time he’s snooping out “kryptids” (well… “cryptids” really)- mysterious “hidden” (“crypt”) animals (Bigfoot, Nessie etc.) that may exist but not proven to exist.

Now cryptids can be spooky, but with Professor Snoopenheimer doing the snooping, they’re only kooky and lots of fun! What’s also fun is to snoop out the hidden and wonderful things you can learn, places you can go, things you can see… like animal “tails and tales” you can read in a book!

This program will be available on our Facebook page and here on our website from June 21-27.