Michigan’s Majestic Lighthouses

Join us at the Summit Branch as Southern Lower Peninsula Historian Laurie Perkins takes you on a trip through two of Michigan’s majestic lighthouses—one in Copper Harbor at the tip of the Kewanee Peninsula and the other at Tawas Point on the sunrise side of the State.

Space is limited and registration is required. Please call 517-783-4030 to register.


About the Presenter:

Laurie Perkins is the Site Historian for the Tawas Point Lighthouse, the Mann House in Concord and Walker Tavern Historic Site near Brooklyn. She has worked for the Michigan History Center for 33 years. Laurie lives in a restored 1880 farmhouse near Grand Ledge with her husband Eric.

Michigan’s thousands of miles of coastline where once protected by more than one hundred lighthouses. Now mostly private residences, tourist destinations or bed and breakfasts, Michigan’s Lighthouses no longer shine as they once did, expect for two, which are cared for by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan History Center.