Hands-On Homeschool Library Tour

Homeschooled kids ages 5-18 can join us for an immersive, hands-on experience to learn what it’s like to work in a library. Along with a tour of the historic Carnegie Library, you’ll stop in each department to learn library skills and gain actual experience.

At the end of your volunteering and touring, we’ll have a “break room” open for you with donuts!

Space is limited and registration is required. Call 517-905-1331 to register.

Please note: Each child ages 5-18 must be individually registered. Younger siblings and parents are welcome and do not need to register.

Already registered? Take this short survey to help us tailor the experience to participant ages and interests.

Homeschool Teacher I.D. Cards

Homeschool parents can make a teacher I.D. card using Canva at the Carnegie Library. While parents are creating cards, kids can attend storytime right down the hall.

After the cards and storytime, we’ll laminate the I.D. cards while families enjoy donuts and social time. Homeschool resources will also be available.

Call 517-905-1331 to register.