A Day at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizadry

Attention Harry Potter fans: Spend some time at Hogwarts School attending classes featuring Potions, Charms, Astronomy, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Put on the Sorting Hat and discover what House is yours.

Registration required. Call the Grass Lake Branch at 517.522.8211 to reserve a spot.

Intended for Ages 8 & Up.


Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Event!

Join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter Series. 

Explore Diagon Alley and then travel to Hogwarts to be sorted into a house.  Dress up as your favorite character and enter our costume contest at 5:30p –there will be prizes for the winners!  Test your HP knowledge at our “Tri-Wizard’s Trivia Wheel” game.  There will be crafts, a scavenger hunt, games, snacks, and fun for all ages. 

For more information, please check our website – www.myjdl.com – or call the YS department at 517-788-4087 ext. 1331.