Simplify Your Spending and Savings Strategies

Join us for a 40-minute presentation designed to help you bring balance to your budget.

Topics will include:

  • Setting personal financial goals
  • Balancing saving, spending, and borrowing to help achieve your goals
  • Strategies for controlling debt and improving credit scores
  • Practical savings options for now through retirement

Presented by Denise Moekel, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones Investments

Retirement by Design

Join us for a 40-minute presentation that illustrates how you can translate your visions for retirement into tangible goals. Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you’ll learn investment strategies to help design the retirement you want. We’ll also discuss how you can add flexibility to your strategy to help you handle unexpected events and how you can keep your strategy on track.

Presented by Financial Advisor Denise Moekel.

What Happens After the Paychecks Stop?

Join us for a 50-minute seminar that discusses income during retirement. We’ll discuss how to budget for retirement expenses, examine potential sources of retirement income and identify ways to address potential risks.

Presented by: Denise Moekel, Financial Advisor from Edward Jones Investments