Forget Google, Ask Grandmother!

Join Doc William “Walks Sacred” Martin as he shares about Traditional Wisdom – Speaking with Nature. He will share his decades of living and working on reservations with Elders on his journey to be a medicine Helper. Discover the meaning of traditional songs and how they are represented in nature. He will bring some of his many artifacts (late 17th – early 18th century) to share and each has a story.

About the Presenter: Doc Martin is of Cree lineage from Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Canada. He is of the Plains Cree – Bear Clan. He has also been “made a relative” with the Dine’ Navajo, Hopi, Lak’hota and Dak’hota nations for his service as a Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Helper, always without a fee. Doc Martin was founder/director of the BIO-Health Centre in the Detroit area for 40 years. This was the first 100% Holistic Clinic in Michigan. Learn more here.