Community Listening Circle

Join Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services in a Community Listening Circle. A listening circle, is an formal and facilitated space to share thoughts around a specific topic or theme. As a participant, you will be coming together with people you may or may not know to share your experiences and perspectives. During the listening circle you have the responsibility to listen and an opportunity to be listened to.

This event will take place on Zoom and registration is required. Register here.

The goal of this listening circle is to create space for shared emotional connection on the topic of isolation.


In order to prepare for this experience, we want to give some structure to the event and ask you to reflect on the following questions:

– Am I prepared to listen deeply to those I may not agree with?

– Am I prepared to share my experience and perspective even if others disagree with me?

– Am I prepared to sit in discomfort?

– Do I have an apprehension about attending and if so can I share it with someone?

– Will I be able to address the apprehension and still participate?

– Do I have support if I am unable to continue with the process?



What is a Listening Circle?

The Power of Listening Circles