Crafting at Carnegie: Bullet Journal

Start the New Year with a new way to get organized. Designed to be as flexible as you need, this system could be the answer to all those pieces of papers with scribbled notes stashed in your wallet/bag/pockets. This notebook could replace your to-do list, your calendar, your sketchbook, your journal. It can be any or all of those things. If you want to try a new way to organize your life, join us as we explore the basics of bullet journaling. Bring a notebook (any size) and maybe a favorite pen.

If you already keep a bullet journal? Please come and share your experience.

Intended for Adults. Please call the Carnegie Library at (517) 788-4087 for more information.

Bullet Journal Workshop at the Eastern Branch

Learn how to better organize and destress with bullet journaling! Participants will be given a FREE bullet journal and the basic tools to get started.

Registration Required. Call the Eastern Branch at (517) 788-4074 to save your spot!

Intended for Teens (14+) and Adults.