Bingo at the Napoleon Branch

Play Bingo with your friends to earn prizes and have fun at the Napoleon Branch! Intended for adults.

Fall Dates (all sessions at 1 PM): September 14, October 12 and November 30

Bingo at the Meijer Branch

Enjoy a family friendly game of Bingo at the Meijer Branch. Up to five winners will receive gift cards to local fast food restaurants.

Call the Meijer Branch at 517-788-4480 to register. All ages welcome.


Who cares about cold and snow? We have bingo! Play to win fun winter prizes!

Please call the Summit Branch to save your spot at 517-783-4030.

Book Bingo at the Eastern Branch

Join us for an hour of bingo! Choose from a variety of books for prizes!

Intended for Children. For more information, please call the Eastern Branch at (517) 788-4074.