Excel Help with Mark

This series of online Zoom classes, presented by Mark Foeller, is perfect for beginner or intermediate Excel users. Classes will also have sections of “Help with Excel” where patrons can discuss (and fix) problems they are having with Excel, with Mark’s help.

May 11: Introduction to Excel – What Excel can do and why you should be using it

May 13: Excel Basics 1 – Spreadsheet structure, navigation, formatting, printing

May 18: Excel Basics 2 – Data types, number formats, data validation, copy and paste, hide and unhide

May 20: Excel Basics 3 – Sorting, filtering, charts and graphs, conditional formatting, keyboard shortcuts

May 25: Excel Formulas 1 – Basic formulas and functions, absolute vs. relative addresses

May 27: Excel Formulas 2 – Creating and troubleshooting advanced formulas, array formulas

You can attend all of the classes or pick and choose the ones that best suit your needs. To register, click here.